Shattered Souls by @DelilahDevlin

shattered soulsTitle/author: Shattered Souls by Delilah Devlin
Series: Caitlynn O’Connell, #1
Year: 2013
Genre: Paranormal mystery
Next please/walk away: Next please
Caitlyn O’Connell had it all: a career with the Memphis PD, a passionate marriage, and the satisfaction that her work made a difference in the world. But she also had a secret, a supernatural “gift” that cost her everything. Now she scrapes by as a private investigator, taking cases the cops won’t touch and counting down the minutes until happy hour.

But when Sam Pierce, her former partner and estranged ex-husband, comes to her for help with a bizarre murder case, Cait can’t say no. And not just because Sam is still as irresistibly sexy as he was on the day they met. Something sinister – and demonic – is terrorizing Memphis, leaving a bloody trail of bodies and clues only Cait can read. Together she and Sam will venture into a dark world of magic and unholy terror, hunting a killer who will lead them to the brink of reality as they know it – and back into the thrall of their stormy past.

About Marcia

I've been passionate about reading since a very young age. I'm in my early 50s and married 20+ years. I'm the humble servant to several feline lords and ladies of the Larsen manor. I'm college educated but let's call it more of a life education than a book education. I enjoy listening to country and classical music. I'm a fan of the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks and their neighbors across the street, the Seattle Mariners. Most times you'll find the TV on a sports channel and muted so that I can keep an eye on the action and enjoy a good book at the same time.
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